Basic Slurm commands

  • sacct: display accounting data for all jobs and job steps in the Slurm database

  • sacctmgr: display and modify Slurm account information

  • salloc: request an interactive job allocation

  • sattach: attach to a running job step

  • sbatch: submit a batch script to Slurm

  • scancel: cancel a job or job step or signal a running job or job step

  • scontrol: display (and modify when permitted) the status of Slurm entities. Entities include: jobs, job steps, nodes, partitions, reservations, etc.

  • sdiag: display scheduling statistics and timing parameters

  • sinfo: display node partition (queue) summary information

  • sprio: display the factors that comprise a job's scheduling priority

  • squeue: display the jobs in the scheduling queues, one job per line

  • sreport: generate canned reports from job accounting data and machine utilization statistics

  • srun: launch one or more tasks of an application across requested resources

  • sshare: display the shares and usage for each charge account and user

  • sstat: display process statistics of a running job step

  • sview: a graphical tool for displaying jobs, partitions, reservations, and Blue Gene blocks

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