Acknowledgement and Publication

Reporting research outputs

Please use this link to fill information on your published papers.


Please include the following acknowledgement in papers:

  • Acknowledgements to be included in "short letters" We acknowledge the supporting computing infrastructure provided by NSTDA, CU, CUAASC, NSRF via PMUB [B05F650021, B37G660013] (Thailand).

  • Acknowledgements to be included in "standard letters" and "long papers"

    The authors acknowledge the National Science and Technology Development Agency, National e-Science Infrastructure Consortium, Chulalongkorn University and the Chulalongkorn Academic Advancement into Its 2nd Century Project, NSRF via the Program Management Unit for Human Resources & Institutional Development, Research and Innovation [grant numbers B05F650021, B37G660013] (Thailand) for providing computing infrastructure that has contributed to the research results reported within this paper.

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